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[Workshop] Hand Engraving - 2 spaces left

There are 2 spaces left in the Aug. 16-20 Basic/Intermediate Hand
Engraving workshop. This is a 40 hour + INTENSIVE workshop. If you
are interested please reply off forum.

It has been called to my attention that my post about the engraving
workshop that has space in it (Aug. 16 - 20) - is sadly lacking in
details …

Sorry folks, I was having one of those days, when I just ran through
the 'to do" list because Id’d gotten behind. I’m sure no one on
Orchid ever has one of those days.

Anyway here’s a bit more contact info, and at least it tells you
what part of the world I’m in! I try to keep these announcements
short and to the point. Guess I overdid it this time…

The workshop is for beginning to intermediate engravers. Supposed to
be 40 hours - but never has been, runs closer to 50 hours. Price is
$600. All tools can be furnished. If you have your own bring 'em.
Leave the heavy stuff home - 30 pound engravers balls. Small
practice materials package and spare graver blanks are available.
If you email me I can send all the details, places to stay, etc…

Brian P. Marshall
Stockton Jewelry Arts School
2207 Lucile Ave.
Stockton, CA 95209
209-477-0550 Workshop/Studio/Classrooms