[Workshop] Granulation

Hi Everyone,

We actually have a few spaces available for our workshop with Doug
Harling. He will be sharing his techniques for granulation. Check
out his awesome work on-line. It is being held April 8-9, 2006 at
Moore College of Art in Philadelphia PA. Moore is near the art
museum, Franklyn Institute, and Fairmount Park. Cost is our
Non-Profit rate of $135 + materials fee.

There is also a FREE LECTURE by Doug Friday night before the
workshop. The lecture will be held at The University of the Arts at
8 pm on April 7. It is recommended that people who attend the
workshop should plan to attend the lecture too.

Go to our website: www.pagoldsmiths.org for more about
this and other workshops.

Esta Jo Schifter
Pennsylvania Society of Goldsmiths
Philadelphia PA
shiftingmetal @ msn.com


I have taken a workshop with Doug and he’s wonderful! If you’re in
the area, do yourself the favor of attending this. Even if you never
do granulation afterwards, it’s worth your time and effort. I sure
wish I could go, but I’m going to Arrowmont this year.

Tammy Kirks
Red Bee Designs

There has been a cancelation in my classes and now and opening for
Granulation 1 (October 2-4) & Granulation 2 (October 5-7). see
revereacademy.com for details.

Ronda Coryell