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[Workshop] Granulation with Kathy Palochak


I’ve been a fan of Kathy Palochak’s work for a long time, and I
thought I’d let you know she’s teaching another granulation workshop
in Denver July 28 - 31. Go to for more

Granulation is an ancient metalsmithing technique perfected by the
Etruscans and Greeks that has recently been revived in the US and
Europe. The process consists of fusing small grains of metal to a
solid surface in delicate geometric and figurative designs. Although
labor intensive, many people fin d they enjoy learning this beautiful

Prerequisites: Intermediate Silversmithing or equivalent -
Instructor: Kathrine Palochak

Kathy has been in the industry for over 30 years. She has written
technical articles for Rock & Gem, Lapidary Journal, Step-by-Step
Jewelry and Ganoksin Tips From the Jeweler’s Bench. She has had
articles of her work published in Lapidary Journal, American Jeweler
Magazine, Colored Stone, Big Sky Journal and Transparenze of Italy,
and has served on an advisory council for Sustainable Income Through
Entrepreneurship. She has taught workshop intensives throughout the
Rocky Mountain region for colleges, academies and guilds. She
believes people should have fun with their jewelry, learn to design
"outside of the box," and accept challenges for what they teach you.
Students really enjoy Kathy’s workshop intensives because she has an
excellent teaching style, and they learn a lot of neat tricks of the
trade. Her workshops are furious and fast-paced, and she has many
students who com e back for her other workshops. Kathy’s work
incorporates ancient techniques combined with progressive
contemporary design. Her trademark jewelry incorporates etching, tufa
carving, granulation, form-folding, score-folding, reticulation. sand
and clay casting, patinas and repousse.

Sandra A. Grotewohl