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Workshop for a member

Hi all, I have at my office an Orchidian by the name of “Lorraine
Johnson”, she is learning and observing many "new to her"
techniques of stone setting. She is writing reams of notes and
seeing things never seen done in person. I have shown her many
things such as channel setting, “Fishtail” setting and basic claw
settings. I also took her to my setting classes here in Toronto at
the school where I teach on Thursday nights…she is one happy
camper…:>) She has also made new friends because of this trip.

Tomorrow she is to experience a my own bench, just how these setting
should be done and as now she will experience by her own hand the
many nuances of diamond and stone setting. Her payment for my
services is to be made via a charitable donation to the “Crohn’s and
Colitis Foundation” at the Mt. Sinai Hospital, here in this city of
ours. As my daughter has this incurable disease, we agreed on this
method in lieu of her paying me for her "4 days of training ".
Everyone benefits by her “donation”.

“Gerry, the Cyber-Setter!”