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[Workshop] Fold-forming workshop in Oklahoma

A fold-forming workshop at the Firehouse Art Center in Norman
Oklahoma in October:


Saturday and Sunday, October 20-21 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

Charles returns to the Firehouse for a repeat of this popular
workshop. It will mostly be demonstration, but you will have the
opportunity to try your hand at this fascinating technique. The
Firehouse will have copper to purchase. If you have your own
silversmithing hammers, please bring them as we only have a few. A
party for Charles and all attendees will be held on Saturay night.
Part of an approach to metalworking termed “Formed Using Metal
Characteristics” is a system of metal manipulation that emphasizes
forming using the metal’s own characteristics of plasticity,
ductility, and elasticity. It is extremely efficient and very rapid.
Tools are simple: finger, hands, hammers, mallets, anvils, and
rolling mills. Complex high relief forms are produced from single
sheets of metal. These shapes resemble chased, constructed and
soldered forms. Enrollment: Minimum: 15 Maximum: 25

Phone : 405.329.4523