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[Workshop] [FL] Putting Design on the Line

Is your design vision cloudy? Get a fresh look at what’s around you
and how you can apply it to your own art - sculpture, jewelry,
gardening, drawing, painting, graphics, interior space planning -
whatever you create. David Caccamo, Pratt School of Art graduate and
teacher of art in the Poughkeepsie School System, will challenge your
innate sense of combining lines and curves in two dimensions and 3D
using copper wire.

Enjoy an exciting change of pace. Have breakfast nearby in Florida
(discounts available at the Florida Bakery and Deli) then take the
class from 10 to 2 PM. Refreshments provided. $20.00

Putting Design on the Line
Sunday, July 7, 2013

Excellent classes in this school. Note that it is in FLORIDA, NY.
about 70 miles NW of NYC. There are terrific classes in Fold
Forming. And the Annual Contest takes place there. Even my dh made
lovely copper pieces first try! Useful items are made in the
Blacksmithing classes. Stay in touch for future notices. Download

Just took a few classes there, some with Charles Lewton-Brain. Have
no interest other than spreading good news and opportunity. Lucky to
live 6 miles away!