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[Workshop] [FL] 3D Printing

A New Tool in a Jeweler’s Studio: 3-D Printing: 3-D Software
Workshop with Vasken Tanielian February 16 " February 20, 2015 in
Sunny St. Petersburg, Florida!

Vasken Tanielianis one of the few classically trained goldsmiths who
is also expert at CAD-CAM.

This 5 day beginning course covers installation of the 3DESIGN
program ( ) on to the students’
laptops or computers, fundamentals and settings of the program,
functions of the most important tools to create solids and drawings,
and coordination of use together. By using these tools and basic
techniques, students completing this course will be able to design
simple 3D design models. This 3D Design software maintains a history
log which allows you to backtrack and make modifications and
3DESIGN will recalculate all steps automatically. This software can
even import hand sketches! It has several automatic settings, as well
as hand placement, and organic manipulation options.

The 5 day workshop is for FSG members is $900 ($950 Non-members).
The material kit of $400 includes the use of the 3DESIGN
Designer-version of the software and student support from Vasken
Tanielian for 3 months. The Designer-version of the software allows
you to create working files, but does not create the. STL files that
are required to print on 3-D printers. The computer compiling of the
working files to. STL is provide by Vasken during the 3 month trial
period for $5 each time as part of the support he provides. This
software can run on Macintosh, Windows, & LINUX. If you change
operating systems, 3DESIGN will still work. The STL files will
communicate all Rapid Prototyping machines on the market, whether it
is a common CNC machine or wax printer to advanced laser sintering or
polymer growing machines, they will faithfully reproduce designs made
in 3Design.

There are other places that can compile your working files as well
(create STL files). Companies currently charge approximately $75 -
$100 to print pieces as jewelry level quality for lost-wax casting.
These jewelry level quality printers are much more expensive than the
current hobby use plastic printers available. Student should plan to
commit 2 hours or so a day to practice to learn this new ‘language’.
This is not a toy, but a professional tool on the cutting edge.

This is a beginning Class on 3Design Software. Classes are February
16-20th, 2015, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Course
days consist of four hours of instruction with three hours of
assisted and supervised personal work time. The workshop is being
held at the Morean Arts Center by the Florida Society of Goldsmiths
(FSG); at 719 Central Ave., St. Petersburg, FL 33701.

Jean Marie DeSpiegler