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[Workshop] Fancy Filigree in the 21st Century

MSG Workshop:
Fancy Filigree in the 21st Century with Stacey Lee Webber

Dates: March 14-15, 2009

Location: Center for Creative Studies
Cost: $275 for MSG members, $300 for
non members, $200 for MSG student members

Fancy Filigree in the 21st Century is a hot, modern take on the
historic technique of filigree. Filigree meaning “wire work” is the
process of twisting wire, usually silver or gold, to make small
shapes which are soldered together to traditionally form rich
ornamentation. Because filigree is a time intensive technique with
low material costs it is often found in parts of the world where
labor is cheap such as India, Mexico, and Iraq. The filigree workshop
will teach a contemporary version of filigree while making note of
the techniques’ historic roots. The workshop participants will be
charged to make objects which question the value of the labor in
their craft.

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