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[Workshop] Fabrication: Beginning

Sign up for classes at Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts: Fabrication 1:

9 am - 6 pm on A: Jan 5-7,2007, B: Jan 19-21,2007 C: Mar 30-April
1, 2007 Cost: $495 + $55 kit Hours: 24

This foundation class introduces hand tools, torches, flex shafts,
polishers, rolling mills and more. Through expert instruction and
close-up demos you will learn how to layout, drill, pierce, file,
form, solder and polish metal. Participants work in sterling silver,
copper, nickel silver, brass and 14k gold. You will make a twisted
bi-metal ring, a pair of pierced earrings and a bezel pendant, using
sterling silver.

760 Market St, Ste 900
San Francisco CA 94102