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[Workshop] Etched Boxes on the hydraulic press

Etched Boxes on the Hydraulic Press
With Anne Larsen
Nov. 5, 2010 - No. 7, 2010

Learn to fabricate three different kinds of boxes with the Bonny
Doon 20-ton hydraulic press. The three approaches each use a
different category of tooling so this course is also an excellent
introduction to the versatility of the press itself.

You will have an opportunity shape unusual containers using tooling
that you may not have access to on a regular basis so this is your
chance to make something new to you. One of the wonderful things
about press forming is that you can use metal sheet that has been
enhanced by etching. Certain designs interact with the forming
processes in very interesting ways, allowing us to add surface and
structural features to boxes that would not be possible with
conventional methods.

The class will work with 18g copper, etch with ferric chloride, and
make etching resists with ImagOn, a light sensitive film that allows
for extremely precise designs with little fuss and no nasty
chemicals. After registering, students will receive a handout with
instructions on how they can use their computers and laser printers
to create the designs they want to etch into their metal. We’ll also
be doing some more spontaneous designing in class using various
other resists such as rosin and tape. Once we’ve etched and formed
our boxes, students will also learn about several types of closures