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[Workshop] Engraving Class

This is an excellent opportunity for those wanting the basics in
ornamental engraving. Dave Olmstead is one of the top 15 people
chosen from 500 entries as a Master Graver in a recent competition.
Since Metalwerx has small classes, you can bring ongoing projects to
work on.

Introduction to Ornamental Engraving
Instructor: Mr. David Olmsted

Length: 4 Days
Tuition: $ 475
Time: : 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

This hands-on workshop introduces students to the different
techniques utilized in hand engraving as well as the disciplines
necessary for tool preparation. David Olmsted, owner of A.L. David &
Co., will teach the basics of simple engraving techniques, as well as
how to properly sharpen gravers and transfer designs.

David will cover many techniques, including scrolls, volutes,
borders, white space engraving, scaling and transferring designs,
accents to stone setting, and details which enhance jewelry items.
Students will learn to choose appropriate styles of engraving. If
time permits, David will demonstrate inlay and overlay techniques.
Gun engraving techniques will not be covered.

Students will take home engraving blanks from the workshop. These
blanks will allow students to review each of the engraving techniques
learned in class. Students will also take home all of the tools to
start utilizing their new knowledge.

Practice plates will allow students the ability to document in
tangible form, exactly what steps were taken to achieve the desired
results. After each demonstration, students will get hands-on
experience in executing what they have learned.

This workshop will allow jewelers and crafts people who would like
to compliment their work with ornamental engraving, greater
confidence in executing such designs. Those who wish to add the
finishing touches of detail will find this course most informative.

Karen Christians
50 Guinan St.
Waltham, MA 02451
Ph. 781/891-3854 Fax 3857
Jewelry/Metalarts School & Cooperative Studio