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[Workshop] [Denver] Creative metal corrugation

Cynthia Eid Teaches Creative Metal Corrugation and Forming in Denver
for Three Days from Wednesday, April 25th thru Friday, April 27th

Use of the Microfold Brake creates corrugated textures in metal and
offers opportunities to create exciting new forms and textures to use
in the fabrication of jewelry. Corrugation results in lightweight but
strong forms and with the price of metals today that is a great
thing. We will use the microfold brake and thin gauge metal (sterling
or copper) to create many different textures to be used alone or
incorporated into your jewelry.

During this workshop Cynthia will teach the techniques and textural
possibilities of manipulating metal with pliers, fingers, rolling
mills, the Corrugation Compressor, hammers, and discuss what can be
done with the hydraulic press. You will have plenty of opportunity to
practice and experiment with these processes and to see how these
corrugated/folded elements can be incorporated into finished pieces.

Cost for this workshop is $360. If you want more or to
sign up email Susan Bucknam at [susan at talismandesign dot com] or
in the USA call 303-803-5683.

Cynthia Eid just finished teaching Corrugation/Microfolding to six
of us in my studio space. She is an exceptional teacher. On several
occasions people exclaimed “Wow, that was worth the price of
admission!”. She has a depth of knowledge in many areas and a
teaching style that includes demonstration, hands-on practice, and
leaves room for individual problem solving. I’m looking forward to
this week when she’ll be teaching Fold and Shell Forming and
recommend that any time you get a chance to take a class from
Cynthia go for it; you will learn a lot, practice a lot, and have a
great time to boot.