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[Workshop] Crocheting with Wire

Crocheting with Fine Wire
Instructor: Ms. Joan Dulla

Enjoy being able to take your “work” with you. This workshop will
focus on Joan Dulla’s Crocheting with Wire techniques. She has taken
a conventional crochet stitch and transformed it, allowing metal
wire to become sculpture as well as jewelry.

You will learn basic to advanced techniques of “crocheting” using
silver, copper, and niobium wire. With Joan’s unique method of
"knitting" using only a crochet hook, you will be able to make the
single stitch tubular form, the double stitch used for chains in
necklaces or pendants, to the more advanced free form which will
allows the work to become sculptural. Following an introduction of
the knitting technique and demonstrations of the single stitch,
double stitch, chain making, and bead forms, you will learn how to
add beads to your work as well as see a demonstration on anodizing

Students will take home various samples demonstrating techniques
taught, a double crocheted fine silver chain, niobium earrings, and
any projects that are accomplished in the last days of the class.

Joan will also be bringing many examples of her work to share with
participants. If you’d like to see more of her work, please visit
her website