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[Workshop] [CO] Designing for Multiples

WORKSHOP - Donna D’Aquino - Designing for Multiples

This workshop with Donna D’Aquino is in Denver from July 21-23,

In this workshop Donna will focus on how to take one’s work to the
next level with selling in mind. Whether you choose to make one of a
kind work, limited editions, or a production line, this workshop will
help you to look at your own work and think about how to expand on an
idea and build a cohesive body of work for presenting to customers.

Donna will talk about building and maintaining a career by selling
directly to customers, both individual customers at fine craft shows,
and to galleries and shops either directly or through wholesale trade
shows. We will look toward each student developing his or her unique
style and voice within their work.

Students will be required to bring several pieces of their own work
for critique and evaluation of how they can take their work to the
next level.

We will discuss which individual avenues would be best for each
student to enter the marketplace.

We will work toward expanding a student’s ideas by looking at their
work, pulling various elements of design and ideas from their work to
make additional pieces which will compliment and round out their
look. We will also talk about different methods and ideas for
producing work in a more timely and cost effective way.

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