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[Workshop] CIJT Highlight

Angela will be joining us again in a few weeks and there are a few
spots available. She is terrific and each student was successful in
completing one nice piece and some got a good start on the second
one. Included in attendees from her last workshop was, Chi Hughyn of he did 2 amazing sculptures and they are becoming
life long friends. see angela at a

Check out Marie’s "Best of show winner in the September Issue of
Jewelry Arts Awards, She is terrific and we are offering her workshop
again for two days at CIJT. in October Check out Have a good fall and
winter season

Dee Rouse Huth, Director
California Institute of Jewerly Training
5805 Windmill Way, Carmichael, CA

The California Institute of Jewelry Training, in Carmichael, CA,
just held an amazing workshop September 6-9. The workshop that I was
lucky enough to view was gemstone carving taught by Angela Conty.
What an amazing workshop. The students were so dedicated and had
come up with stunning pieces. Students were carving opal, rose
quartz, chrysophrase, and onyx.

While I was there I happened to talk with the Director about some of
the other upcoming workshops she had planned. Below I have listed a

Metal Weaving with Marie Scarpa October 2-3

Enameling with Linda Crawford October 10-13

I also went online to to see some of the
featured pieces.

Those who would like to receive great training in all fields of the
jewelry industry I highly recommend you look at their website.