[WorkShop] Chasing and Repousse

Good day, The interest in the Chasing and Repousse techniques, used by
the ancient Thracian goldsmiths has increased tremendously –
especially after the recent national museum tour Ancient Gold: The
Wealth of the Thracians. Due to this renewed interest, I will be
conducting two 5 day intensive workshops from December 2-6 and
December 9-13 at my studio in New York. The workshops will emphasize
on the techniques, involved in the formation of ornamental design on
hollow and dome shapes. A tool making project will be included, as
well. I don’t know how many of the Orchid and ArtMetal members I have
on my mailing list, so I guess this is the only way to pass this
on to you, folks. Sincerely, Valentin

Valentin, If you can send us the following items for our upcoming
newsletter, we would certainly appreciate it. Although your workshop
isn’t until the Spring, we try to plan for things well in advance.

We need from you:

1)  A description of your two day workshop
2)  A bio
3)  A picture of your work (we can scan it from the mailer you sent out)

BTW, I never got your mailing at my house or Metalwerx. Jennifer got
one, so did Lorrie LeJeune. Please put Metalwerx on your official
mailing list. I already have people wanting to take your workshop!

Talk to you soon,
Karen Christians
10 Walnut St.
Woburn, MA 01801

Current Artwork:


Just took a two day workshop in Chasing and Repousse with
Valentin. He is an EXCELLENT teacher. All but one of us were
completely new to the technique. He is extremely patient, has
a good sense of humor, communicates very well, is a Master
craftsman, and knows how to tailor his teaching to the
students’ level of understanding. It was both fun and very
valuable. What did I learn? That to do Chasing and Repousse
really well takes an enormous amount of dedication, practice,
and probably a lifetime of study! The two day workshop is sort
of like an appetizer–you leave wishing you could stay for a
whole meal. Sandra