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[Workshop] [Canada] In-Depth

IN DEPTH - the intuitive nature of design, the evolution of process
and technique in harmony

I am presenting my second annual Autum retreat in Ayton Ontario,
October 25-29, 2011.

The focus of this seasonal retreat is on our individual artistic
development through a shared group experience. We will collectively
and individually look into the integration of design and process as
we establish a new direction for an exploratory body of work.

The workshop is hosted in the well outfitted studio of Tina Lee
Degreef, in the farming community of Ayton Ontario. Pastoral studio
vistas of wooded rolling hills and tranquil countryside make the
perfect backdrop for an introspective intimate collaborative group

Gourmet meals are included, featuring local fresh ingredients
prepared with culinary expertise by Praparat Sturlin, director of the
Thai Gourmet House Cooking School in Scottsdale Arizona.

The daily sessions of the retreat will be a combination of
demonstrations in technique and process followed by an exchange of
ideas about the approach and implementation of evolutionary design as
the guiding principle in developing new work. Our communal
investigation will be the impetus for each participant’s personal
exploration of the creative journey from concept to completion,
expressed as a series of wearable jewelry.

Join an intimate gathering of resonant makers for five days of
camaraderie, insight, inspiration, design and realization in a
tranquil and creative environment.

Michael David Sturlin