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[Workshop] [CA] Mokume Gane Patterning

Hi - Just like to share a great opportunity to study mokume gane
with Eric Burris. Thanks! Joe Silvera

Mokume Gane: Patterning
@Silvera Jewelry School, Berkeley CA
Tue - Thu, June 28-30, 2016 :: 9-6pm each day

Register and info at

In this workshop with master jeweler Eric Burris, students can work
with mokume they made in Eric’s previous workshop, or with
ready-made billets provided by the instructor that are ready to
pattern. Making your own mokume is fun and gives you lots more
options for customizing it, but ready to use mokume billets can be
purchased from jewelry suppliers that are ready to pattern with the
techniques Eric teaches in this workshop.

This workshop focuses on the art of creating beautiful patterns in

There are endless possibilities when it comes to making a piece of
patterned mokume-gane sheet. The shape of the tool dictates the
shape of the pattern and depending on how the tool is used, a unique
pattern is developed every time. Students will learn four different
patterning and bump/grind (chasing). Students will have multiple
pieces of patterned sheet ready to be used in jewelry projects.

Silvera Jewelry School