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[Workshop] [CA] Gemstone setting

Hello fellow jewelry makers,

I would like to get the word out that I will be teaching two
workshops at Mendocino Arts Center on gemstone setting the first week
of August.

The first is COLD CONNECTIONS For STONE SETTING from August 1st thru
5th. It covers the many uses of rivets, tabs, pierced and bent-finger
prongs. With faceted glass “stones” and actual gemstone cabochons
supplied by me for practice, participants will learn the techniques I
have illustrated in articles for Lapidary Journal. Like the edge
capture that was featured on the cover of the Jan./Feb. 2011 issue.

The second workshop is CUSTOM SETTINGS FOR FACETED STONES I will be
covering the techniques required to make several styles of heads for
oval, cushion, and free-form faceted stones. Basket heads,
slot-in-slot heads and pronged plate style heads are covered. Again,
I supply the faceted glass “stones” to practice on. August 6th - 8th.
I will be having a pendant inspired by this workshop published in
the December LJ/AJ

Participants are welcome to bring their own unusual found objects,
gems, or natural materials for setting options in both workshops.
Please check with Mendocino Art Center for availability and

Nanz Aalund