[Workshop] [CA] Basic hand engraving

hi, i would love to join it… but cant…but if someone share
notes would be welcome…

Last basic hand engraving workshop for 2013 - Nov. 15th, 16th,

Sorry for the short notice. had to tweak the schedule to get this to

This is a 3 day INTENSIVE basic foundation workshop. We cover
everything from shop & bench setup, sharpening methods to
transferring patterns and the basic cuts that can then assembled into
lettering, scroll ornamentation, figures and scenery. Tons of tips
and tricks derived from 44 years of doing it for a living.

Cost is $600 - $100 deposit to reserve bench space. (So far, I
believe there are 2 spaces reserved out of the 6 available for this

Practice materials, 3 gravers, transfer patterns, and extensive
printed notes are all supplied and yours to keep.

If you have some favorite tools you are welcome to bring them, but
you really need bring nothing.

If you have not committed to purchasing tools yet, you can usually
save more than the cost of the workshop by trying everything
available on the market while you are here - finding what fits your
hands, wallet, and engraving style/specialty.

I do not sell tools for a living, I engrave and teach. There are 3
working studios here, so you will also see what “real life” looks
like… (I clear enough space to be able to squeeze through:)

First day starts at 8am. After that the students set the starting
time and lunch break. We usually work 'till about 5pm and break for
dinner. I leave the classroom open (with an apprentice supervising)
from 6 until 9pm for those who want to return and practice. Most do
take advantage of this.

Gated, secure parking. There are 7 restaurants within walking
distance. A private 1 acre park right next to the classroom to eat
lunch in if you prefer - groceries, deli and bakery within 4 blocks.
Parking for RV’s, park for tents, Motels within 2 miles. 5 airports -
Stktn, Sac, SF, SJ, & Oakland. If you need more info - email.

Brian Marshall
Stockton, CA USA 95209

This would be such fun! I hope you will post next year’s workshops
well in advance. I used to take at least one workshop a year, but
haven’t started a new skill such as this in a LONG time. I’ve learned
new stuff at work, but not just cuz I wanted to. Keeps the brain


I would seriously be interested in this workshop if it were offered
at another time of year, or at least with a little more advanced

I missed the start of this thread. If you are referring to Brian
Marshall as the teacher, I am sure he will accommodate anyone
pretty much anytime. Don’t miss out on a great learning experience.

Hello James,

The John c. Cambell folk school in north Carolina has several basic
engraving classes. They have a number of jewelry related courses
throughout the year. Engraving, small scale blacksmithing for
jewellers, enameling, etc. Google them and they will send you a
catalog. It is a wonderfull school in the mountains and I find that
when I spend a week there my soul feels refreshed and my approach to
my craft feels new again.