[Workshop] Beginner class

Thanks to all who responded to my inquiry for a parent child project.
There were lots of great ideas and I can’t wait to use them -
unfortunately, there were not enough people signed up to run the
course :frowning: but hopefully it will run in January. Which leads to
another request, and hopefully this is not gauche to post here. I was
supposed to teach an adult beginner class as well, but only two
people signed up and the arts center doesn’t want to run it for less
than four (six people max.) So my request is, if you know of anyone
in the Boston area who would like to take a beginner class, if you
wouldn’t mind pointing them in the direction of the Brookline Arts
Center, I would REALLY appreciate it. The arts center is willing to
still run my class Tuesday nights, albeit a bit delayed in the
semester, if I can come up with a few more students. I am a student
myself and paying for school, so you would be doing a good deed and
helping me repay student loans. I can be contacted off line with any
questions, hollyhawkinsATexcite.com. Thanks again in advance,

Holly in Boston.

I’m sorry the class didn’t go for you. I suspect that most art
centers have to operate in this way in order to meet expenses. If the
class does fill enough to go, I want you to know that students may
come once or twice and then never come back and that it is no
reflection on you or the art center. Adults have things that happen
in their lives and sometimes being a volunteer student has to be a
low priority. They may try again and it can even be years latter.



Metalwerx is running an afternoon class on Tuesdays for 14 and up.
We ran a week long workshop in the summer with parents and kids. It
was a total hit. check out our classes at metalwerx.com

Karen Christians