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[Workshop] Art of Filigree

Hi Folks!

I’m afraid I have not been keeping up with my Orchids lately, but
Donna Shimazu out in Hawaii has let me know about the recent
filigree thread…I have had a nice, long phone visit with Donald
Allen, who started the thread, and look forward to hearing his

I would be delighted to teach filigree workshops in the States or
Europe if anyone knows of institutions (or private parties) which
may be interested…If anyone would like further I
would be happy to send you the Filigree Workshop packet (by email)
which includes quite a few good photos. The photos include backed
and unbacked filigree as well as examples of the use of filigree
techniques in items which are not filigree. Perhaps the most
interesting is a super-miniature plique-a-jour enamel technique
which I have developed, where the frames of tiny flowers are only
0.30mm thick! I’m afraid I do not have a website to refer you
to—if anyone has any suggestions where I might post the pics for
you all to see, please let me know…

Here is the course description of the introductory workshop:

ART OF FILIGREE WORKSHOP—The Magic of Metal Filigree is the only
metal technique which has been practiced throughout the entire world
and over a period of three thousand years. Its universal and ongoing
appeal is probably explained by the fact that it is the technique
which most relates to those unique properties of precious metals
which enable us to end up with a final product so far removed from
the raw material as to inevitably evoke the response: “How did you
do that?!” Unfortunately, the time and skill required to produce the
intricate detail of lacy filigree work has placed it on the
ever-growing list of dying arts in today’s mass-production

Our course will concentrate on the traditional, basically unchanging
tools and techniques employed by filigree craftsmen throughout the
centuries. It will be seen that the sophistication and ingenuity of
the ostensibly ‘primitive’ techniques rival that of today’s
’advanced’ techniques, while far surpassing most modern modes of
metalwork in charm and whimsy. Each student will leave the course
with an intricate, purer-than-sterling ring which is guaranteed to
bring you many compliments…

Some of the areas covered are:

[Alloying 960 silver]
[Casting ingots]
[Wire production techniques]
Wire-drawing techniques
Wire-twisting techniques
Binding, annealing, and cutting techniques
Making of granules
Decorative wire-shaping techniques
Assembling and binding
Powdered solder techniques
Coloring and finishing

Bye for now!
Janet in Jerusalem


There are actually 3 organizations who might be interested in
running your workshop. I’m providing some contact for you
for each of them. They are all in Eastern PA.

I hope that one of them does schedule it, as I would be the first on
the list to sign up!

  1. Bucks County Community College - Contact: Cris Martino. She’s the
    area head for jewelry/metalsmithing. We have a complete jewelry lab
    available. Cris can be reached at

  2. Pennsylvania Society of Goldsmiths - Contact: Mary Dieter. I’m
    not sure whether Mary is the person who schedules workshops, but she
    is very involved and can definitely put you in contact with the right
    person if she isn’t. PSG runs numerous metalsmithing workshops in the
    Philadelphia region, including people like Charles Lewton-Brain,
    Harold O’Conor, Todd Reed, Arlene Fisch and others.

  3. PA Guild of Craftsmen - Contact: Nick Mohler. The Guild offers
    on-site workshops in its fully equipped facility in Tyler Park in
    Richboro, PA. They have residential space for artists, as well. Nick
    can be reached at

Best of luck!
Karen Goeller
No Limitations Designs