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Workshop and Lecture by Arline Fisch

The Pennsylvania Society of Goldsmiths filled the two vacancies that
I posted for the Arline Fisch workshop in Textile Techniques in
Metal Sept 18 & 19. Thank you Orchidians! Since that post 2 weeks
ago, 2 people have had to withdraw and so there are another two
spaces opened up. The subjects will be Weaving, Plaiting, Knitting,
& Basketry. Contact Irene Frank, our treasurer, at 215-884-3211
asap to get into class.

Additionally, there will be a lecture by Arline on FRIDAY, SEPT 17,
7PM, at the University of the Arts, 320 S. Broad St., Dorrance
Hamilton Hall, CBS Auditorium. There is NO CHARGE for this lecture!
It is sponsored jointly by UARTS and PSG. Join us to hear from
this living icon on contemporary metalwork.

Esta Jo Schifter, president
Pennsylvania Society of Goldsmiths