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[Workshop] Albuquerque setting class


Dear all

I have been asked to inform anyone/everyone that there will a 3-day
setting class in early September. If anyone is interested, kindly
reply offline.

As we are still only in the early stages of arranging this totally
"Orchid" class I/we expect a rather good turnout. Upon replying, I
will send out a fact sheet with all of the setting designs.

If there are many to attend we will make it two, 3 day sessions. We
will limit the class size not to exceed 12 students, this will allow
the costs to be kept to a bare minimum.

As I do not wish to interfere with certain religious holydays at
that time, the exact dates are still not written in stone, yet.


Dear all…again! I am putting together a second group of students
for two planned stone setting classes in Albuquerque, NM.This is
with arrangements with my Albuquerque coordinator, I would like the
Orchid folks to know of these series of classes. It’s good to get
everyone in on these setting sessions, there is so-o much to learn.
The dates are as follows August 31, September 1st and 2nd, with
tentatively second class on for September 4, 5 and 6. Why drag
yourselves all over the country, when “we” can come to you. If the
demand is great,“we” can make this series of setting groups an
ongoing program…all it takes is YOU



Gerry, since I’m in NM your post caught my attention.

I have a minor suggestion: publish your syllabus on Orchid so that
prospective students know what will be covered in your classes. What
you’re proposing sounds interesting. Details might draw more