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[Workshop] Advanced Stone Setting

Hi All,

There is space available in Blaine Lewis’s Advanced Stone Setting
Workshop- hosted here in Portland, Maine.

Many innovative techniques revealed in this hands-on workshop can
dramatically improve craftsmanship and reduce breakage of fragile
gemstones such as tanzanites, emeralds, and opals. Jewelers with
intermediate stone setting experience will be amazed at how fast they
learn in this truly extraordinary class. Advanced stone setters will
be impressed with the wealth of new concepts they learn in this
comprehensive course. For those with intermediate to advanced bench

This course teaches expert advances in the following: Prong Setting
Fancies, Princess Cut, Marquis Cut, Pear Cut, Emerald Cut, Baguette
Cut; Channel Setting Rounds, Princess Cut and Inlaid Channel;
Invisible Setting, Grooved Princess Cuts; Bead Setting and Pave, Bead
& Bright Cut, Thread Setting. Plus: Flush setting, Gypsy, Bezel
Setting, Tool Making, Graver Sharpening, and many other topics.

Blaine Lewis is widely recognized as the premier diamond setting
instructor in the US. He is the director of New Approach School for
Jewelers in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Blaine innovated stone setting
techniques for fragile colored stones. His video sets Classroom in a
Box: Bezel and Flush Setting and The Fine Art of Setting Princess
Cuts have received critical acclaim.

Kate Wolf, in Portland, Maine hosting wicked good workshops by the bay.