Workman's compensation

 Be aware that in order to qualify, you need to be totally disabled
for a minimum of 24 months. The question is, what will you be doing
to avoid losing your house, car, etc during that first 24 months
when you do not yet qualify for SSD?" 

I hate to disagree, but when I initially applied for Social security
disablility, I had just lost my job now, they told me at that time,
that they only counted work lasting longer than 10 months as a
gainful employment and go back to the last employment held for that
long or longer to determine the date of disability unless of course
there were an actual accident that caused the disibility on a
specific date. There wasn’t ever anything said about my having had
to be out of work for 24 months. the only time 24 months was
mentioned infact was pertaining to Medicare, which the coverage of
that doesn’t start until 24 months after the date of disability as
determined by social security. I hope this helps and doesn’t cause
more confusion please let me know if you have other questions, I
might be able to answer. Cece