Working with platinium

Hi, everyonw. I am from Viet Nam. I am looking for a book which teach about working with Platinium.Can anyone let me know, or How to learn working with Platin ! Thanks a lot !

Are you a jeweler now with some experience?
If so you can pick it up pretty easily. FaceBook has a group “Ask Jurgen”. He answers platinum questions.
You’ll need appropriate dark welding glasses,
oxy/propane or natural gas. Oxy/acetylene will work if you ALWAYS use an oxidizing flame.
NO flux. Good luck!

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thanks , by the way. what is the component of natural gas ? is it gas and oxy ?

If you want to start with platinum, a good book is ‘The Platinum Bench’, by Jurgen J. Maerz. Precised information and good tips!
Maybe you can find it on Amazon.
Take your time to learn de particular features of this metal.
Wish you success!

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Thank a lot

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