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Working with Moss agate

I am interested in working with moss agate and would like to know if
this material would be harmful if used for wine or cocktail goblets.
Would it be impervious to absorption of the liquid. Could it perhaps
cause toxic reaction to the drink? Thank you for you assistance.
Sincerely, Trudy

Trudy - I don’t know about toxicity, but moss agate will definitely
leak unless it is resin (epoxy) treated. Each “strand” of moss will
"wick" fluids. The German cutters make beautiful goblets and such
from it; perhaps they have a way of sealing it, but I’m not aware of

Jim Small
Small Wonders

Hi Trudy, Moss agate should be safe for use in cocktail goblets. (I
am assuming you will be carving material from Montana or India that
has MnO2 dendrites.) Although agate can absorb certain dyes, it is
very inert to most chemicals. Will E.