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Working with irregular shapes stones

Hi Everyone:

I am new to Orchid and a hobby silversmith. I like to work with
natural stones and crystals and I have seen some of these capped in
what looks like either electroplating or wax molded, althought the
finished look is a little too loose I think to be wax molded and
then cast. The surface of the finished metal capping, etc, is a bit
bumpy, lumpy, rough, etc. I am not sure of the process. I have some
stones which are impossible to cap in the normal cut and solder way
because of their irregularities or protrustions. Can any one on
Orchid tell me how this other process is done that I have seen? The
overall effect is not as clean looking as it would be with the normal
cutting and soldering so I am assuming it must be electroplating over
wax or something similar that makes the silver or gold mold itself
nicely into all the irregular nooks and crannies of the crystals and
stone, forming a snug fit between the metal and the stones. I’ve seen
this process used on the metaphysical crystal wands as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have looked in my books but
can’t find anything that talks of this process or shows finished
pieces which look like the ones I have seen.

Thanks in advance for any help and advice.

Warm regards,
June in SF