Working with Gold-Filled

I=92ve tried several times to work with gold-filled metal with
less than great results. All is okay except at the solder
seams. It seems that some of the gold melts off and exposes the
brass–or whatever metal is used for the =93fill=94–which turns a
darker color. I=92ve used both 6k gold repair solder and yellow
silver solder. The 6k seems to work better. I=92ve
sweat-soldered GF to sterling with better results–be sure not
to buff/polish it too much. I=92ve heard that you should
gold-plate to cover any melt-off, but gold-plating wears off
quickly… I don’t really have any answers–just more

I don’t like Gold-filled but it is nice in resale because I can
give better prices to my customers. I like using 14k hard solder.
This seams to seal the edge. No tarnish problem!

        Sandahbeth Spae

I find gold-filled a nice compromise. I can a gold filled piece
for about the same price as silver, but it has nmost of the
good qualities of gold.

Janey Kofoed