Working with Cad designer in another country

I’m finding out that using a Cad fellow in another country, one
thing is totally missing. you know what that is? “Direct
communication”. I can write reams of notes and sometimes the reader
might not understand my written word. Hence a complete
misunderstanding of what I need, or want!! So for my next simple
project, I have to enlist a local cad-fellow up here in Toronto. I
might not get the cheaper rates, but my ideas will be heard right
from me. as we speak the same ‘jewellery designing’ language.

The most unfortunate part of dealing with a fellow in [], is the
time difference. He is over 10+ hours ahead of me. I gotta wait till
he gets up and goes to his Cad-machine and responds. If the ideas are
not as the same as mine. another 2+ days lost. Not always can the $$
client in this city wait, and make changes, and then wait again. this
is my friends, is the ‘nature of the beast’.

But if Kapil is reading my notes, you have helped me greatly, you
have overcome many obstacles we have both had.

This fellow is a “Graduate in Engineering” and I intend to use his
great Cad skill and dexterity at all times in the future. Well done
Kapil!! Gerry Lewy

Hi Thanks Sir it is my pleasure to work with you !

Kapil Jain.