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Working with CAD/CAM designer

Previous to my discovering my present cad-cam designer/artist, I was
pressured due to timing, to give another little project to another
wax-carver turned cad-operator.

I gave him a design in casting-wax to make it suite my two, 1/3
carat Trilliums and 1.5 carat Princess-cut stones. I initially asked
him to copy this design and make this ring to accomodate the stones I
gave him…Well after investing over $400.00 including his fee and
gold, I picked up my ring. Sadly he made two mistakes, he did not
make any effort to accomodate the larger 2 Trilliums.

I did say to him make my ring to fit these stones…He didn’t do
this…I asked him to make this ring a “comfort fit” inside shape.
Again, he just barely did what I wanted, still the ring had sharp
edges, pity!

He said well I can make this ring over again, and “what about my
gold investments and resizing fees?”. “Its okay, I won’t charge you
the cad-fee again”…Very well for him. This ring is for my nephew and
I have to look at it or years to come. I suggested one major repair
option and he said “maybe this might work”. Even after he wrote down
his instructions there was a gap in following through with what I
wanted… I gave him a choice of fixing it now or getting ‘steamed’,
he is going to have the ring ready for me to set by this weeks

My dear friends, make sure every instruction is well written, and
repeat each instruction verbally. I gave him my project twice, sadly
"first and last time"…