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Working with a marketing rep

Hello everyone.

I’m a fledgling “silversmith” and I also make gemstone jewelry. At
one time I had a website, but had to take it down because my
daughter had a brain tumor and I no longer had time to keep it up.
I’ve decided to advertise in one of the local magazines put out by
our local newspaper (glossy, aimed at upper income women). The rep
that I am working with wants me to let her market my jewelry at some
of the galleries in the large metropolitan area of which we are a

We haven’t discussed what her fee would be. I’m sure some of you
must use or have used reps to market their jewelry. Can you advise
me on how to determine a fair fee for her?? % of sales, flat rate,
something else??

Thanks so much for your help.


The rate is often 15% of wholesale prices.