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Working with 14/20 Gold filled stock

I have worked in sterling silver and karate gold and have done OK
but my first piece using gold filled stock did not turn out. Are
there specialized instructions for soldering gold filled stock that
I should be aware of?

The solder did not act as I thought it should or at least not like
when I am working silver. I use the alcohol/borax flux. I do have
other flux for gold I could use. It seemed like I had to get the
whole piece a lot hotter before the solder would flow. I believe
this then caused the surface gold to melt and mix with the base
metal so that the appearance was very splotchy. It came out a
coppery color (unless this was from putting it in the pickle).

Is there any written material about working gold filled stock?

Also what techniques or guidelines should be used in
finishing/polishing a piece since the gold is just an outer

Larry E. Whittington
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