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Working on chainmail

Hi, everyone! I am trying to make an spiga chain ( wheat chain), but i cant find any discussion or tutorial about it. Please help me!

Is your Google broken?

I searched for instruction on making a wheat chain about 3 years ago and found nothing so I would love to have you post results if you find something. I went to many of the links Google found and none were instructions, mostly chat about various definitions of wheat and rope (sorry rc. but the article titles are very misleading. For example, the YouTube instruction video was actually about buying the chain on one of those TV shopping channels).

I have 2 versions (variations?) of the Jean Stark book and found neither satisfactory on the subject of wheat. However it is a good book for chainmaking in general. But an expensive misdirection if you only want instruction on wheat chain.

Thanks everyone. I am still finding a good resource for my question. I did search on the Google, but caint find anything. Hope somebody help me with it.

can you post a picture? I don’t know if I have ever seen one or not. could have but didn’t know the name. Many of the loop in loop chains in Jean Stark’s book sure look like wheat…

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Super book Legacy by Matthieu Cheminée.
It’s about Africain jewelry making.
Very precise wheat chain recipe.

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