Working gold whistles

I’m hoping you can point me in the right direction: I have a client
looking for a gold whistle that works, she wants it to be heard in
the next room. She needs to call for assistance from time to time, but
wouldn’t even consider wearing a steel one. I don’t want to make one,
just find someone who does. Thanks , Kim

Kim, I think New York Findings carries gold whisltes.
Larry Seiger

Hi Kim, Why don’t you either; buy a plastic one, cut in half (length
wise ) and cast it,or get a metal one- cut it and make a mold, then
cast it? In either case you will have to solder both halves. good luck

Heika Seppa makes whIstles… We all made them at a class in SO.
Caroline called Wild Acres… They were smallish but not too small and
had a great sound. He got so he could make them out of one piece of
metal… instead of two… Write him i"m sure he could do it for you…
tell him I said hello, the ''whistle girl". caroline…

Hello Kim, I have fabricated whistles in sterling before. A gold one
could be an interesting project. Let me know more details off line.
Where are you located?

Timothy A. Hansen
TAH Handcrafted Jewelry
P.M.B. 131, 305 N. Second Ave.
Upland, California 91786-6028

E-Mail: @Timothy_A_Hansen

Kim, I don’t know where you live, but if it’s anywhere near the ocean
where there’s a yacht harbor, go to a boating supply store and get a
bosun’s call, (pipe or whistle), and have it gold plated. A good one
is made from sterling, but if she can’t lower herself to use one of
those, I would think G.P. should suffice. Jerry in Kodiak

Hello again Kim, I have made two whistles in the past year. You can
contact me off orchid if I can help. Tom Arnold