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Wonderful wire weaving workshop

I type with sore finger and aching hands and shoulders.

Today my cohort Olga and I took a 5 hour workshop at UCSD in Wire
Weaving given by Orchid member Lisa Van Herik.

This was a day not to be believed. Lisa Van Herik is an
extraordinary artisan. Her creative juices know no bounds. Ideas
flow through her in never ending waves.

She is an exceptional teacher, so respected that our Reticulation
and Stone Setting instructor was her TA!

Several years ago I purchased a book entitled Wonderful Wire Beads.
The author was Lisa Van Herik, and I was very impressed with the
content. In my collection there was also a book incorporating Fiber
and Wire written by Lisa Vann.

When I first met Lisa, and when she hosted the San Diego Orchid
gathering, I determined she indeed was Lisa Vann!! I knew I wanted
to take a class, any class she would lead. Boy was I ever right.

This was a very productive day, we both came home exhausted and
ecstatic. I do want to publicly thank Lisa for her contributions to
the jewelry community at large, and to Orchid as the catalyst for
getting to know Lisa.

Terrie, and Olga

    I do want to publicly thank Lisa for her contributions 

Good thing, too, because otherwise I wouldn’t have known about her
classes. Is her class schedule on the Internet?


Janet, I saw Lisa Van Herik today at UCSD. I hope a class or workshop
will be forthcoming. They are just now finalizing the Fall Semester


Janet, I’ve got two new workshop dates at the University California
San Diego Crafts Center scheduled for Fall: October 23 and November
13. The schedule should be up shortly on their website (url which
I’ll send asap). It’s the Woven Wire Workshop.

The workshop, at least at this early stage, is 5 hours long and
teaches tubular or circular braiding with wire. Aside from learning
the basic technique (which is incredibly fast once you “get it”),
the workshop focuses on what you can actually do with the
technique…based on altering any one of three variables:
the composition of the “strands”, guage/s of the wire and the type
of forming tool used. Equally important is the presentation of
variations on the basic technique. A simple and remarkably quick
technique with explosive possibilities. We’re shooting some of the
sample jewelry pieces this week and I’ll email when available on the

As for me, I’m technique driven and have spent a hefty part of 14
years creating my own woven wire techniques…or at least what I
think are my own. This comes from a strong belief that there is a
great deal that can be done with wire that simply hasn’t surfaced
yet. So I’ve been sort of on a self imposed, very long research
project. My books are bread and butter, mass-market targeted but are
sprinkled with what I think are some interesting techniques.

My fine work along with samples for the workshop will be up on shortly. This site is under construction but
if you or anyone else would like class announcements, etc. please
feel free to sign up online for that.

Short of that, many thanks, Terrie

Lisa, Welcome, got the schedule at school today. May I take both
sessions? Terrie

For any San Diego area Orchidians who are not familiar with Lisa’s
work, you do not want to miss this one.

Lisa is an incredible teacher, and has an imagination that does not
quit. Be careful if you wear Brazilian leather woven shoes in her
presence, she will take them and next time you see them they will be
in wire.

There will be limited space in these workshops, last one the waiting
list was double the class.