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Wonderful Sri Lanka

Hello everyone, I just got back from a wonderful 11 days in Sri Lanka
which was mostly a holiday but included some stone buying and best of
all meeting and being helped by a wonderful Sri Lankan, Ahmed
Shareek. From meeting me at the airport, at 5 A.M.!! to driving up
to Ratnapura to see the source of gem digging, buying and many other
places too many to list, he was the most helpful and kind person I
have had the honor to meet in a long time. His wonderful family made
a delicious dinner for me and welcomed me even though his wife had a
small recently born son.

I did not go for the beaches which most people do but was looking
for a rest and to explore colonial hotels in Colombo. Kandy, and
Nuwara Eliya. I found great places and am writing the names and
prices and if any one is interested. I will be sending
Ahmed a copy so if you ever plan on visiting Sri Lanka and might be
interested in the gentile past of this beautiful island please feel
free to contact me or ask Ahmed for a copy.

I truly want to encourage any orchidian who is looking for an
inexpensive and gem laden place to combine a holiday with business to
fly to the most beautiful of islands, Sri Lanka!!

Sharron in dusty Bahrain, wishing she was back by the sea at the
Galle Face Hotel.