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Without paying the rights-holder


Perhaps there is another path to be considered. A few years ago my
husband and I found ourselves in a situation where a large company
in the jewelry business took advantage of us. We hired an attorney
and unfortunately learned a year and several $$$$ later that the
attorney had no experience in consumer protection. We then called our
state senator and asked for a recommendation for an experienced
consumer protection attorney who had a reputation for fighting for
individuals who had been financially harmed by a big company. This
experienced attorney knew the systems and how to win. He re-filed
paperwork in the local district court known to favor individuals
taken advantage of by big corporations. Another two years later
and… paperwork was prepared requiring us to never speak of the
outcome. We will not speak of it but we can encourage others with big
smiles on our faces. You do not have to let big companies or even
small, creepy companies make money on your talent.

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