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Wireless terminals for credit cards suggestions

Hello all! I am finally ready to jump in and upgrade from the ol’
knucklebuster and Quickbooks. I am planning to continue to use QB
and my current merchant is Innovative Merchant Services. However I
have some larger shows on the calendar so feel it is time for the
investment and security of on-time transactions. So does anyone have
tips or suggestions on which Wireless terminal to use?

I will be in AZ for the majority of shows, but would like coverage
for the SW/West Coast. My research so far came up with Nurit 8000 and
Verifone VX610 both need to use GPRS. Most shows I will not have
electricity, battery life is important, of course I can always have

Kay Cummins

My research so far came up with Nurit 8000 and Verifone VX610 both
need to use GPRS. 

I haven’t had a chance to verify, but Joe Jelks of Horizon Minerals
told me at the PMC conference that he has heard that the Nurits will
soon be outmoded because the frequency they use is too crowded and CC
providers are shifting to a different frequency.

Since my terminal was provided by my CC provider, I suggest you
check with yours-- I don’t think you can just get whatever you want.


There is a wonderful little gadget that plugs into a cell phone and
is a swiper for credit cards. Which device depends on what phone you
have. This device let you get instant approval for credit card
charges. Swiped transactions give you the best rate for credit card
processing too. Check with the show organizers to see if there is
phone signal at your venues. Contact me for more

Pat Gebes

Hi Kay - I asked the same question a while ago, got a lot of helpful
info from Ganoksin - initially I went with Propay via my cell phone,
but was unhappy with 4 minutes per transaction for approval, and a
week waiting for bank deposit. Now I am with Total Merchant
Services, got a Nurit 8000 (or whatever) and am very happy with their
customer service, technical support, online statement access. Less
than happy with actual machine, as it goes down (freezes up) at some
point at EVERY show I do - I spend 7minutes on the phone while they
do a reset, and it works great again. The battery seems to last @22
hours, so definitely lasts through a show - I recharge before one
just in case. One tip - rather than purchase their $50 case for the
machine, I found a plastic lock-top container that just fits -
prevents the machine from turning on or getting bashed about.

I can’t comment on rates, because I keep meaning to compare TMS with
other companies and just haven’t done so, but I do know that @ 85% -
90% of my business at shows is credit, so I definitely feel the need
to have a processing company. And yes, I realize some of my
customers would dig for cash or check if I couldn’t process their
card, but I feel the easier I make it for my customer to spend money
with me, the more my sales improve.

Susan “Sam” Kaffine
Sterling Bliss

It’s called Square Up and can be found at
They give you the card reader free, the app free, there’s no
contracts, no monthly charges and you only get charged when you
actually use the card. Receipts are sent to your email or your phone
and if you’ve a wireless printer, you can print them right there. It
works on any Apple iOS or Android device. Apparently on iPad, you can
actually setup shelves with your items, price, description, etc. and
people can buy it right from there. Cool. I want an iPad and this new
device. Especially if you don’t sell enough to warrant the costs of a
regular merchant account.


Wireless Terminals-I use a wireless terminal from a company called
"propay" they are out of Utah I believe. The website is
They sell a small wireless card swiper that is only 100$. It will
give you a real time transaction and can be worn even on a lanyard
around your neck. I actually plug mine into my laptop and run card
transactions through in the middle of nowhere. I do have a long life
battery in my laptop of about 8 hours but you do not need to run the
cards through on a computer anyway. The card swiper gives you a green
or red light and stores all the info in it until you get home to your
computer. I have never had it run out of battery life or fail in
anyway. You do have to get approved credit terms that will work with
you with the company and fees vary depending on your volume. My fees
are the highest because I am so small and do not do enough credit
business monthly. The more credit card business you do the more your
fees go down. Hope this helps. I am a happy customer of theirs. Good
luck at your up coming shows!

Joy Kruse

There is a wonderful little gadget that plugs into a cell phone
and is a swiper for credit cards. 

At the EXACT moment I read this sentence, CNN began a discussion of
this very thing with the founder of Twitter! It’s a little cube that
attaches to your phone. I think it’s called “Square”, and I am
definitely looking into it. I’m loving my new iphone more every day!


I signed up for Square and was very excited at first. Unless they
have changed things the limit was $100 per transaction and $700 per
week. This makes it next to worthless for doing the 4/5 shows I do
each year. Even in this economy I would hope to do more than $700
for the weekend and many of my pieces are over $100. When I had a
Palm Centro smart phone I used a company called Merchant Anywhere. I
had a small swiper that attached to my phone and uploaded the
transactions on the spot to my bank account. The $$ were there in 1
to 2 business days–all very seamless. Their fee was $24.95 per month
plus the usual credit card fees charged by Master Card, Discover,
Visa etc. That sounds like a large monthly fee but you can shut off
the account if you only use it a few months of the year as I do. Most
of my shows are in late summer and fall. I now have a different phone
and am about to call them to get a new swiper–this one apparently
works with blue tooth so I wouldn’t even have to have a cable. If you
don’t want to swipe a card, it’s my understanding that you can
manually enter all the pertinent -it’s slower though and
it always seems to me that I have many sales at once and many periods
of nothing happening. I think it is just easier on me and better for
the customer to see the usual swipe transaction they’re used to.
Naturally my old swipe machine doesn’t work with the new phone–ah
the joys of rapidly moving technology.

Mickey Kunkle

It will give you a real time transaction and can be worn even on a
lanyard around your neck. 

I am surprised by the implication in the discussion of these little
swipers-- that customers don’t mind not getting a print-out of their
credit card receipt. Really? People who use these don’t meet
resistance to no printed receipt, no physical evidence of how much
the charge was/no signature? Of course, you write out a receipt, but
for a charge of several hundred dollars, as many jewelry purchases
are, I know I would sure want that receipt, and I have always assumed
others would feel the same.


It will give you a real time transaction and can be worn even on a
lanyard around your neck I am surprised by the implication in the
discussion of these little swipers-- that customers don't mind not
getting a print-out of their credit card receipt. 

Really? People who use these don’t meet resistance to no printed
receipt, no physical evidence of how much the charge was/no
signature? I agree and I would want a receipt myself but have
actually never had anyone even question it. My charges are ususally
in the hundreds of dollars and I do write them a receipt and I have a
professional looking invoice with all of my info on it but it is
still not a credit card receipt nor do they sign anything. I have
never had a problem with a customer or with the company. I think
people are getting so use to swiping cards they are numb to it. I
would love a more expensive card terminal that printed out a receipt
but I can’t seem to find one that does not have high monthly charges
and the terminal itself is expensive. I only need a terminal during
the summer when I am doing shows. So, yes I agree I cannot believe
that people do not mind either but sales transactions flow as like
you are checking out at the grocery store.: )


Boy, am I with you on this one, Noel!

As a consumer, I would think such a charge would also be more
difficult to dispute.


I agree with Noel that customers frequently want a receipt. I just
received my new terminal from Mercant Anywhere. It works on Blue
Tooth technology so it doesn’t have a bunch of dangling cables. It
can be set up to automatically print a customer receipt. I could use
the credit card site without the swiper and printer but it is more
peace of mind for me (and customers) to have the technology that
most people are used to (i.e., swiping and approval on the spot). I
bought my first machine after I was taken for more than the machine
costs when I used the method of uploading after a day at the show was
over. It’s a very sinking feeling when a few hundred dollars is
denied and the you collected from the “purchaser” is

Mickey Kunkle

I just got a flyer from COSTCO & on the last page there was an
Elavon portable credit card terminal listed.

You have to be a COSTCO member to order it. No price was listed but
there was a statement that the cost of the terminal (up to $319)
would be refunded after 12 months of service.

The phone # listed was 877-892-9349. Refer to promotional code
83447. The offer is valid Aug 19 thru Sep 12, 2010.

I’ve never seen or used a portable unit & have no connection with
COSTCO or Elavon other than being a COSTCO customer.


Hello everyone and thanks for your responses to date; however, I was
hoping to get some more specific feedback. So here is more detail on
what I’m looking for as well as some info. I have found in my

  1. Squared Up seems to still be developing, has weekly max of $1000
    in transactions (which wouldn’t work) and while no contract, monthly
    fees etc. does have IMO high discount rates for both swipe and keyed
    transactions. There seems to be a backlog on getting units and
    actually developing the contract. That seems like a slick
    system it just needs more testing and refinement at least for me.

  2. I have considered Cell Phone Swipe systems, but have been in
    plenty of situations where I have no coverage (both indoor and
    Outdoor) in even large cities (Phoenix) my current cell is with AT&T.
    So my understanding is No coverage means you can’t process live
    transactions. There are lots of systems and options with this
    (squared up being one of them); however, the main drawback is the
    coverage. Followed by the fact that I’d need to upgrade my phone,
    upgrade to a more expensive data contract, etc. It is possible that
    even w/o fees this could cost more for time that I currently don’t
    use on a monthly basis. My cell phone cost under $20 a month (I can
    hear the jaws drop!). The last concern is does a cell phone charge
    last 12 hours when you are entering data and processing on and off
    all day at a show? I really don’t know, but kind of feel that my
    phone in use lasts maybe 3 hours before the battery is gone. Anyone
    out there that loves what they can do with the phone system?

  3. Anyone have feedback and/or experience using Way MTT 1581?
    Wireless terminal mostly serviced by 1st American Card Service. I
    couldn’t find any online user reviews.

  4. Anyone have feedback and/or experience with a VX670 wireless
    terminal? Reviews seem good on this for art shows.

  5. Again I mostly process face to face at shows. Currently with a
    knucklebuster and keying things back at the studio and using
    QuickBooks for accounting. I want to do live transactions and be able
    to download the detail to QuickBooks without rekeying everything, but
    rather adding the detail of items purchased and address info for
    future contact. I sell mainly at shows in the Fall and Spring. There
    are times with no CC activity.

To Noel, there are ways to provide receipts to the customer for
swiped transactions. I am only considering wireless terminals with a
printer. You are correct that a written receipt with the details on
what they purchase should be part of the sale. Cell phones have
options to email the receipt to the customer or with a printer
connected to the phone (usually with a swipe slot) you can print
receipts. This receipt will not have the full acct. number on it
(xxxxxx6043 for example is much safer for the customer and merchant)
and the amount. When a printer is used the Merchant retains the
signature copy or a copy on the cell phone if the customer signs the
screen. To my knowledge a customer doesn’t need the signed copy…if
they dispute the charge the merchant must provide it. Swiped
transactions that are keyed as debit and a PIN is entered by the
customer are the best. No signature is required, lowest processing
rates apply and the funds are immediately available. IMHO people are
so glad that credit or debit is a payment option that they don’t
really care what they get for a receipt, of course they should care,
I’m just stating that most don’t. As a merchant we need to care, I
currently remind customers that the knucklebuster slip has their
personal card on it and to take care with it. I also
remind them of the company name that appears on the transaction.
That helps to avoid inquiries and chargebacks.

To anyone thinking that they should review their system and
contract; I encourage you to do it, the companies are very
competitive and rates seem lower than when I did this 18 months ago.
There are more companies offering no monthly minimums (good for small
guys or low volume) and even seasonal use where you can suspend your
account and not have to pay any monthly fees during these months
(i.e. only do shows during the summer). Remember always do your due
diligence, check the, read the contract closely and ask
everything you can think of and get it in writing. Remember nothing
is Free. Ask how the company can offer it free? What happens if you
hate it? Take your time. Even small companies can get Wholesale or
Interchange rates these days.

I checked my current contract, I can beat it in pretty much each
fee/charge, but will likely have to pay to get out a few months
early. I wonder how much they think a Free Version of QB Simple Start
2009 is worth? I bet more than I do!

Please if you have feedback I’d love it. Hope this helps a few of
you out too.

Kay Cummins