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Wire Wrapping Magazine

Hi Gang,

I’ve noticed several wire wrapping posts lately & thought I’d
pass along the following info.

There’s a new monthly publication, ‘WIRED’, for wire wrappers.
It’s published by Wire Artists Group (WAG) in Canada. It’s about
15-20 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 inches. It’s well done, with many
pictures (some full color) of construction steps.

There’s a feature story, a beginners project & feature project
in each issue. The instructions are well written & the pictures
of the various steps make them easy to follow.

Here’s the info I have on ‘Wired’.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 21105
Stratford, Ontario Canada, N5A 7V4
Phone: 519-472-6388
Fax: 519-474-2579

12 month subscription rates:
Canada              $60.00 (taxes incl.)
U.S.                     45.00 (US)
Other Countries    90.00 (Cdn) (via air mail)

I’m not in any way connected with the magazine or WAG, just a
satisfied subscriber.

Dave Arens


Many thanks for passing along the on the magazine.
If you know of other publications, organizations, etc., we’d love
to check them out! We’ll be posting a few pix to the gallery
soon. Be sure to check them out!I

Rick and Kristi Stutt
Wire Wrapping Etcetera