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Wire Wrapping Machine?

Hi All,

I need help!

I was wondering if anyone out there has had success finding a machine
that can make uniform wire loops and also allow me to wrap the loop.
(I need to use a smaller guage wire…ie 26g)

I know there are ones that make just the loop and then cut it…but
once again you must use a higher guage wire.

It seems as though there must be something out there to help with
this task besides the old plier method. I am looking for something to
help speed up production and also be easier to teach a new trainee.

If anyone has any ideas I would be very appreciative.

Thanks a bunch!

Sounds pretty specialized. You will probably need it designed and
built for you. Make two, 'cause one will wear out or break when you
need it most. It may actually be two machines. A looper and a
wrapper. I have an old air driven looper, all the action happens in
one plane. The wrapper would have to be separate. By the way, this
will not be cheap. A local machine and tool shop may be able to do
it. Otherwise it will be off to Providence where they design this
kind of stuff all the time. Bill

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Exactly what are you trying to do? Are you using head pins for
wire wrapping from which to string various components? Please email
me off line and I will be happy to advise you.

Razine M. Wenneker, Manager
Ellie Rose LINK-ABLE Designs, L.L.C.
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I have a pneumatic looping machine, made by Crafford (the laser

welder folks) that I haven’t used in over 20 years. I used it to make
earring findings. You stick a precut piece of wire into the machine,
step on the pedal, and it will instantly form a loop on the end. I
would slide a wire coil onto this, then bend it into an earring hoop.
You can easily do 30 pieces per minute on this machine. You will need
a compressor to power it.

We were using 20 ga. wire, and I think there is some tooling for a

slightly smaller wire (or maybe it was for a larger loop…it’s been
a long time). Regardless, either Crafford or a local machine shop
could easily modify it to make any size loop using what ever wire you

This may be more production than you need, but if you are

interested, let me know.


Douglas Zaruba
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I was wondering about this myself and in a google came up with- Cripes! lookit that url…if
it’s too long just go to the cabelas site and in the fishing section
look for tools. I don’t know if it’s useful or a pain but it’s not

regrds, Laurie

Rio Grande has a new tool that does just that. It’s in the latest
New Products and Reviews (something like that) mailing.

Elaine Luther
Chicago area, Illinois, USA
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Studio 925; established 1992

Rio Grande has a new tool that does just that.  It's in the latest
New Products and Reviews (something like that) mailing. 

Thank you Elaine.

Please let me clarify, we carry a pair of “Wire-Looping” pliers made
by Swanstrom, there are two accessory kits available for making
different size loops. With these pliers you can achieve greater
consistency in loop size and tightness of the wrap. They can be seen
on page 197 of Rio’s 2004 tools catalog.

We also carry a “Looping Machine” either manual or pneumatic.
However these do not wrap the wire they simply loop it. These are
designed for 20 and 21 gauge wire. These can be seen in Rio’s 2004
summer “News & Product Review”.

Best regards,
Thackeray Taylor
Rio Grande Technical Support