Wire Wrapping Guide

With the recent discussion about wire wrapping I thought I would
pass along this chart I found in a book ages ago. I use it to make
my jump rings. I have a collection of knitting needles to wrap with
and it’s worked out quite well.

For this jump ring… Use this mandrel…
4mm of 20g (.75mm) rnd wire 2.5mm
5mm of 20g (.75mm) rnd wire 3.5mm
5mm of 18g (1mm) rnd wire 3.0mm
6mm of 18g (1mm) rnd wire 4.0mm
6.5mm of 16g (1.25mm) rnd wire 4.0mm
7mm of 18g (1mm) rnd wire 5.0mm
7.5mm of 16g (1.25mm) rnd wire 5.0mm
8mm of 18g (1mm) rnd wire 6.0mm
9mm of 18g (1mm) rnd wire 7.0mm
9mm of 16g (1.25mm) rnd wire 6.5mm
9mm of 14g (1.5mm) rnd wire 6.0mm
12.5mm of 14g (1.5mm) rnd wire 9.5mm

Pam Farren

thanks much for posting this! i just got a koil kutter & am
ordering wire this week. great timing for me! :wink:

beadyeyedgirls (site finally under real construction!)