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Wire wrap


G’day: I keep seeing references to wire wrap on this forum.
Would some kind person enlighten me as to exactly what it is all
about? Thanks, & cheers,

   / /    John Burgess, 
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 / //\    @John_Burgess2
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Hi, sure

wire that i use is sterling silver, in 16 gauge to 24 gauge.
the smaller the number the larger the size. What i do is twist
and position the wire to show the stone off to it’s best
advantage. I use both cab and faceted stones, but 6mm round is
the smallest facet i have been able to do. Traditional wraps
have multi banded and very precise and greek looks to the pillar
supports, 5 wires, square or round wire, is held together tightly
with additional bends of wire, to hold them in place.(bundles)
you can then position the stone and work the outer wires to pull
them out and over the corners of the stone. the top of the
bundled wires then is fashioned into the bale.

I usually work the wire as swirls, and not as straight and
precise. Think of waves rolling in, and that’s how i approach
the pieces. I can do the standard type, but i really enjoy the
freedom of the unstructured piece.

the square wire can be twisted, to add contrast to the squared
pieces, and i sometimes add gemstone beads to the design.

Of late i discovered crochet and weaving with fine silver wire,
in 26,28 and 30 gauges. I love that. course my husband was
thrilled, i think is exact comment was, “Good, you have tons of
cabs and stones, and now you just want to play with WIRE, what a
good idea.”

i let him live. If i can answer any more of your questions,
please ask. i love doing this. i should warn everyone, i rarely
use caps …and my spelling is as original as my designs.



Marilyn, there is free form wirewrapping that is very artsy, and
it is not found in any pattern book. It might use a lot of
elements that are rules at wire wrapping but it is based on
imagination and not on patterns. In this respect any kind of art
have to use some elements that are rules, and some that is
imagination and vision.