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Wire straightening thingy

I remember having seen some aeons ago a pretty simple device, made out of wood, for straightening wire.

For my life, I can’t remember enough details about its construction. As I said, it was simple. At least simple enough for a jeweller to make it.

Any ideas what I have forgotten ?

Thank you in advance!

If you have a draw bench, just don’t let the wire draw. Secure a pair of vise grips to one end and then feed it through a hole a bit larger than the wire diameter until the vise grips hits the plate. This keeps the wire from moving through the plate. Then pull the other end with draw pliers until the wire is straightened. You can also simulate a draw bench by securing one end of the wire in you vise and gabbing the other end with vise grips. Then give the wire a couple yanks. This works for finer wire, but heavy wire may need more than you can do just by pulling on it. That being the case, secure the vise grips to one end, feed the other end through the hole in a weight from a barbell, secure the open end in a vise hanging the wire, weight and vise grips straight down towards the floor and then bang the weight against the vise grip. I have used all of these methods, but the draw bench works the best. I keep a separate piece of metal with a hole in it rather than the draw plate just for straightening wire. Good luck…Rob

This works best when the wire is in its annealed state, good bench trick here for smaller quantities.


Soft wire can be straightened just by stretching it. If heavier gauge, it can be straightened by twisting it (using an electric drill with the wire in the chuck).


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Thank you for your input. It’s not what I am after, though. The thing I have in mind is made from wood in such a way that the wire is bend, then re-bend in an opposite direction, only to come out straight. There is a plastic gadget available on the net that uses nylon rolls ; if you care to take a look on youtube, you will find it. But I am after the wood version.

Thanks people, and have a great weekend,

Try this Violaine, it is the best I could come up with.

---- Violaine Ulmer wrote:

Thanks, Don. I appreciate your time and effort !

And when I eventually find what I have in mind, I’ll report back.

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I just did a google search on “wooden jewelry wire straightener” and got a lot of hits. I usually click on images as I get what I want faster looking at pictures, then I go to the website and read. Good luck…Rob

I just did a very quick search:

Low tech, low cost