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Wire,round, square. ect

I guess i’ve been around long enough, round wire, square wire.20 gauge 12 gauge,sterling, etc. Any ideas on how to keep it organized. Its all aound me.Thanks jim

I just use gallon baggies to keep the rather large rolls in and label them with a sharpie. It is kind of a pain to filter through when you are looking for something. I have though about using a 12" x 12" hanging file to help organize the bags, but just haven’t put in the effort.

Hang coils from the ceiling or overhead support from a series of large cup hooks…Rob

Thanks Bernadette, I try to keep rolls in baggies but thats getting out of control, i like the idea of some type of a file Thanks jim

Thanks Rob, Not sure my wife would go for that. I have looked at pictures of your studio very nice. Thanks jim

I keep all my silver as follows: small rolling file ‘cart’ under my bench; Labelled pendaflex folders into which I insert labelled manila folders which contain each gauge and type of wire, or sheet.

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Cigar boxes with bold labels on the sides, they stack nicely and take up little space.

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