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Wire Plater and Wire Form manufacturer needed

If you get to the dinner in Tucson you’ll have the opportunity to
see up close and purchase, via the silent auction, a prototype
pendant positioner. If you don’t get there you can visit to see what they
are. And hey, if you’re at the dinner and you drop the star you owe a
$1 penalty donation to Orchid (those there will understand)!

The wire form manufacturer I have been working with can only do 6 of
the 10 sample sizes I gave them to try. If anyone knows of a
manufacturer, particularly in the jewelry findings field, that can
machine make consistent complex bends in .005-.008" diameter wire
with radii on the order of .005" to .02" and up please let me know.
(I may not have a full specification on the web site by the time you
get this but I will get it there in a couple of days.)

Also needed is a firm that can plate stainless steel wire (or some
other suitable springy wire) in gold and preferably polish it
during/after the process. Thanks

Feedback on the device is also welcome.

James E. White
Inventor, Marketer, and Author of “Will It Sell?
How to Determine If Your Invention Is Profitably Marketable
(Before Wasting Money on a Patent)”
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