Wire mesh needed

I was in a jewelry store today and noticed tubular wire mesh made
into a necklace. The sales clerk told me that the jeweller buys the
mesh as is, and adds his own pendants. I have been hand knitting my
own fine silver necklaces and am curious if any of you have come
across wire mesh from your suppliers? This mesh was very fine,
looked machine knit and was a dark metal colour, probably not

Having said that, have any of you tried machine knitting fine
silver/gold wire?

Toronto, Canada

I recently saw an article in Fiber Arts magazine about someone who
machine knitted metal wire. She used fine plastic coated silver and
coppper wires that they said were manufactured for the electronics
industry. Some of it was brightly colored, probably from the
coating. The coating made the wire slippery and easier to machine
knit. I’d love to find the source of that wire. Looked really

Janet Kofoed

Check out: www.beadlovers.com/ the sell a tubular mesh.
Just passing by

Anyone interested in making “wire mesh” which is also called
knitting with wire, can find a lot of at:
www.wigjig.com/. They sell the spools you knit with as well as wire
and books. They ma even have a few patterns, usually free.
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If you want to make your own check out: www.wigjig.com/. The have
all the materials tools and books you might need. Maybe some free
patterns as well Just passing thru

Hello Catrina, I have a knitting machine which sits in a corner. I
usually wondered if I can use it to knit fine wire. I have made even
macrame bracelets with fine silver but I haven’t been succesful
knitting fine gold. For some reason it gets hard in no time. I would
be grateful to hear if you get any replies to your question. I have
some “Trabzon bracelets” in my website in “my country” page. They
are very interesting if you like to see. And I have one knitted
silver pendant in my second “jewellery” page.
http://www.birdamlasu.com Kind regards from Turkey

Oya Borahan

Hi, Try plastic coated fishing line (comes in different sizes, but is
only available silver finish)

Mr Beau Jangles

Wire mesh in a variety of sizes and patterns is available from
Paragona Art Products (div. of American Art Clay, Inc.) Available in
aluminum, brass, copper, and stainless steel, but not silver or gold.
Their website is at http://www.amaco.com but I found the website VERY
poorly designed and almost useless. Their toll-free # is
(800)374-1600. David Barzilay, Lord of the Rings

Clay and other ceramic supplies are the basic businesses of Amaco.
They also carry enamels but I don’t think that they produce them.
They supply a lot of clay to schools and so have expanded into other
craft supplies. I looked at the site and for a potter, the slide show
of vessels would show a good variety of glazes and techniques. Well,
I admit that I didn’t look at it long so it might get repetitious. It
wouldn’t be a site from which you would order on line.

Marilyn Smith