WINOX on Silver - how to remove

Hello, do you know a chemical way to remove WINOX from silver?

WINOX is designed to be a strong patinated surface, that’s not easily removed. I don’t know of a chemical to remove it?

If possible, you could heat up the object to annealing temperature, then pickle it. That sometimes works. Otherwise you’ll have to remove it with some kind of abrasive media like buffing compound, 3/M bristle brushes, sandpaper, etc.

Sorry that I don’t have a better answer for you! Maybe someone else has an idea?


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I’ve searched no idea what winox is! Is it LOS solution?

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I found it at Otto frei:

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Hmmn! New to me but thanks, it could prove useful at some point. Is it too late in the stage to burn it off? (Although even with LOS I’m not super happy with burn off, it needs more than that. Let us know.

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Maybe Otto Frei could help you because I’ve never seen this.

Otto Frei told me to clean mechanically. I was wondering if some kind of acid can remove it completely. I put WINOX on the piece, but after that realized that I need to solder one more component. Need to clean it.
WINOX is a good silver darkener. You can brush it on the piece. It immediately turns black and black is a good deep black. Also - long sheld life

Would it work to remove it manually from wherever your component goes and then when soldering most will burn off? Maybe that will make a messy second coat though, I don’t know. Sorry I can’t help but good to know this product exists.

Have you tried soldering with the WINOX on? I’m pretty sure the flux and heat will solder through the patina. It’s worth a try.

I really don’t think there is a chemical to remove old patina. You could try one of the many silver tarnish removing dips out here. I’m pretty sure that it won’t work, but you never know.

I still think that annealing and pickling is your best option if you don’t want to buff or sand your patina off.

Sorry that I don’t know a better answer for you!