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Winners of the Ganoksin Orchid Raffle 2008 Announced

Many thanks to our generous sponsors for making the Ganoksin Orchid
Raffle 2008 a hit! Also, a HUGE thanks for those who participated in
purchasing a raffle ticket.! Thank you!

The lucky winners are…


Billie Lim of Tarrytown, New York

Congratulations Billie Lim!

2nd Prize:

Mary Kay Mohs of Wayzata, Minnesota

Congratulations Mary!

3rd Prize:

Jane Barry of Vancouver

Congratulations Jane!

4th Prize:

Raymond Petersen of Pueblo, Colorado

Congratulations Ray!

5th Prize:

Amalia Guettinger of Los Angeles, California

Congratulations Amalia!

6th Prize:

Abigail Connell of Castleton, Ontario

Congratulations Abigail!

7th Prize:

Vicki Fuller of Mechanicsville, Virginia

Congratulations Vicki!

Orchid Please do your part and continue to purchase supplies, books
and services from those who believe in the magic of Orchid and

Amy Burkholder
Asphalt Apache Design
Beth Rosengard
Bob Rush
Chris Ploof Studio
Discount Digital Art
Don Friedlich
Durston Rolling Mills DRM C130 Manual Mill
Fretz Design
Hill Management Consulting
Jewelry Training Center
McKinnon Global
Myron Toback
Otto Frei
Pat Pruitt
Racecar Jewelry
Reactive Metals
RHB Enterprises
Swanstrom Tools
The Contenti Company

Thanks again everyone.

Congratulations to all Orchid Raffle winners: Mary, Jane, Ray,
Amalia, Abigail, Vicki and specially to my dear friend Billie Lim! I
have the fortune to met her since long time ago, Billie is one of
the kindest persons I’ve met and an incredible jewelry artist. I’m so
happy for her!

Rocio Heredia

Getting a phone call on a freezing blizzarding Friday night from
Hanuman telling me I won one of the raffle prizes? Life doesn’t get
much better than that.


Hi All,

I thought it would be nice to share the words of this year’s Grand
Prize Winner for the Ganoksin Raffle, Billie Lim.

We look forward to all your support for 2009. Remember, anyone can
win and when they do, they never believe they can. Winners happen!


Thank You Ganoksin!
February 2008

"A girl can never have too many gemstones or hammers", is what I
always say! More importantly, "the right tool for the right job."
Winning this grand prize has become the exclamation mark to that
last sentence. Throughout the years, I have purchased many tools,
made many tools, gerrymandered common household items into tools,
broken tools, re-purposed tools, even searched out obsolete
tools. but now I can say with a smile on my face that I will
absolutely positively have "the right tool for the right job!" 

The past ten years of making jewelry have been such a blur, that
I don't recall how I first came to know of Ganoksin. But one
thing I know for sure, I would not want to imagine a world
without it. When I discovered Orchid online, it was like
instantly being reunited with a community of kindred spirits.
Although I have not personally met all of the generous
individuals and companies that have contributed these wonderful
prizes, I none the less feel like I have some new best friends.
When it's two o'clock in the morning and I'm all by myself
working in my studio with only the drone of the 2008
presidential coverage on for comic relief (or grief depending on
your mood), I will not be alone. All of you will be with me just
as real as if you were the hammer, gemstone, or one of the
myriad services that make up the daily life of my studio. Thank
you for the contributions you make through your vision of what
Ganoksin has become, your pursuit of creative perfection, and for
your generosity in making this all possible. I consider myself
all the richer and much inspired by all of you. Again, thank you,
thank you, and thank you! 

Billie Lim